Got A Gig music

Got A Gig Musics store location is at 1617 16th Street between Q and P streets in Midtown, Sacramento.  Our hours are 11:00am to 6:30pm, Monday through Friday and Saturday 11:00am to 5:30pm.  Contact John Gill directly at 1-916-531-1118 to schedule a special appointment. You can e-mail him directly at: We feature the finest in woodwind and brass repair, specializing in top quality professional Flute, Saxophone and woodwind service for the finest players in northern California. John regularily works on many of the professional flutists instruments in the Camellia City Flute Choir and on the principal flutists instruments in the Sacramento Philharmonic and Auburn Symphony.

We are a full line music store and carry instruments from Selmer, Bach, Conn, Jupiter, Artley and Antigua along with the wonderful new Di Zhao line of Flutes.  Each Di Zhao Flute comes with a hand picked headjoint by Mr. Zhao himself, exclusively for ‘Got A Gig music’, thus assuring you of getting his finest instruments.  We also carry a beautiful line of string instruments with violins, violas and cellos from Glaesel, Becker and Sherl & Roth. We have the best prices in town.

John features custom key work and beautiful exotic hardwood sax key risers to fit your instrument to your hands!  Stop by to see these beautiful risers and have a set fit especially to you.

We also feature state of the art ultrasonic cleaning of many types of instruments starting at a special rate for trumpets.  Each instrument is specially examined to insure the best possible cleaning needed for each individual circumstance.  The solution is specifically chosen and fresh and new for each ultrasonic cleaning assuring that your instrument is not ‘taking a bath in a filthy tub 6 other instruments have already soaked in.’  Your health and safety is our first and foremost concern!

John finished an extensive restoration to an original 1856 Adolphe Sax (Alto)for a collector and friend here in Sacramento.  Tone holes were removed and resoldered as were many key saddles.  The body was hand polished to preserve the years of character associated with this unique historic instrument.  He had custom  white Kangaroo skin pads specially made and he himself hand stitched each pad to retain the look and feel of the original pads.  This instrument was set up to be played by it’s owner and enjoyed for many years to come.  Pictures of this interesting restoration will follow, so be sure to check back and see this wonderful transformation and rebirth.

John has over 40 years experience and has serviced the instruments of many famous international musicians including Branford Marsalis, Gerry Mulligan, Bobby Watson, David Murray, Bob Mintzer (Yellowjackets) and Jeff Coffin (Dave matthews Band) to name a few.  Set up your appointment today and experience a whole new level of performance the next time you’ve “Got A Gig”!


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