Cannonball Tenor Sax C.O.A.

This sax came in covered with spit and needing a good thorough cleaning and adjustments.  All keys were removed and the body and neck were cleaned in the ultrasonic cleaner.  Each key was cleaned by hand as were the pads and boosters.  The sax was reassembled and oiled and some of the pads were replaced, using metal tone boosters to match the originals. It is important to keep the boosters all the same.  If they are plastic, I use plastic. If they are metal, then I use metal.  This keeps the sax playing evenly throughout it’s entire range.  This service is recommended every couple of years and prevents the key hinge rods from rusting from a lack of service and or oiling. The neck cork is checked and replaced if necessary and the instrument is playtested. Enjoy your horn in ‘like new’ condition again and keep on playing!


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