Lillian Burkhart Professional Flute C.O.A. (Clean, Oil & Adjust)

   This beautiful Lillian Burkhart handmade gold flute came in for it’s 1 1/2 year maintenance and received a C.O.A.  All mechanisms were taken apart and they were cleaned and lubed.  All the Straubinger pads were checked for cracks or splits and the worn ones were replaced. The body of the flute was hand polished as was the headjoint and footjoint.  They were then ultrasonically cleaned and the instrument was reassembled.  All tarnish was removed from the key mechanisms, all pads were shimmed as needed and the instrument was oiled and reassembled.  The crown cork was replaced and the entire flute was playtested and checked over again.  Experience the ‘new feel’ of your valued flute with the correct spring tensions and new clean oil.  Enjoy playing your flute again!  When only the finest, most detailed work will due, come to ‘Got A Gig’ Music.  I service the flutes for the principals in the Auburn Symphony and Sacramento Philharmoinc Orchestra and past Presidents of the National Flute Association!


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