Verne Q. Powell Solid Silver Conservatory Flute, C.O.A.

This is solid silver Verne Q. Powell Conservatory Flute.  This is by far one of my favorite flutes to work on. There are a number of these here in Sacramento so I see them quite regularily.  They are dollar for dollar one of the best buys out there!  They have a beautiful bouquet of color and a lovely flute sound.  This one got a C.O.A. that included an ultrasonic cleaning, hand polishing and new crown cork.  All dents were removed and the tarnish was removed from the key mechanisms. All the key mechs were taken apart and cleaned and reoiled and assembled.  The necessary Straubinger pads were shimmed or replaced and the flute was adjusted and regulated. The fittings were checked and the flute was playtested. This service is recommended every 1 1/2 to 2 years or whenever your flute is ‘new to you’.  Regular service at prescribed intervals will keep your investment working smoothly and worry free.


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