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Vintage ‘The Martin’ Tenor Sax with custom Black Kangaroo Skin Pads and metal tone boosters!

This beautiful vintage ‘The Martin’ came in for a professional set-up and complete rebuild using the Black Kangaroo Skin Pads with metal tone boosters. All the key felts and corks were replaced with modern materials and the entire instrument was ultrasonically cleaned.  Major dents were removed and the neck was refit and recorked.  All of the keys were refit and the lost motion was removed.  The tone holes were leveled and checked for solder leaks.  The sax was then reassembled, oiled, adjusted, regulated and playtested.  This horn remained quite mellow with added punch and projection.  It is now ready for many years of service for this pro player!


One response

  1. John Mizutani

    John Gill is by far the finest saxophone technician in Northern California. He has worked on my two Selmer Altos and my Selmer Tenor saxophones, they perform better than when they were new. John pays strict attention to detail on every saxophone he works on. I am certainly proud of John and his professionalism, knowledge and customer service skills. I will ensure that I will continue to bring all of my work to him in the future.

    John Mizutani – Saxophonist/Percussionist/Drummer
    -Groove Thang Band
    -Rick James Original Stone City Band (Backup Saxophonist)
    -Strokeland Superband Alumni (Tower of Power musicians, volume 1 “Kick it up a step”)

    December 13, 2012 at 6:38 pm

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