Verne Q. Powell 2100 Professional Flute Restoration using J.Schmidt ‘Gold’ Pads!

This beautiful Powell 2100 has just received the J.Schmidt ‘Gold’ Pads, installed custom here by John at ‘Got a Gig’ Music.  These pads require very detailed care and precise installation and give the player unparalled response and color.  Each pad has gold dust impregnated into the surface of the skin giving it longer life and an exacting seal and they are engineered to precise standards and perfect shape.  They greatly improve projection and tone over the Straubinger type pads and their longevity and stability surpasses anything on the market today.  This flute was completely polished by hand and ultrasonically cleaned.  All necessary keys were refit and the crown cork was replaced and fittings checked.  The grommets that hold in the french pads were specifically manufactured for this particular 2100 model flute. Experience for yourself the added warmth and color of your prized flute when it has the fantastic J.Schmidt ‘Gold’ pads installed.  You will be surprised!


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