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Yanagisawa Professional 991 Tenor Sax Overhaul using Black Kangaroo Skin Pads & Custom Boosters

I just set up this Yanagisawa 991 Tenor Sax with the Kangaroo Skin Pads and Custom Selmer Style Metal Tone Boosters.  Jerry had me do this same professional set up on his vintage Selmer Balanced Action Tenor Sax a few months back and wanted a similar response on his Yani back-up horn.  This gives him more punch when he needs it as he plays in Los Elegantes salsa band and competes with a great trumpet player and a trombonist along with the other musicians and vocalists! He can still play soft and mellow but kick it out when he wants to.  The ‘Roo’ pads are firmer than traditional pig skin pads and give more power and dynamic range.  I can put a custom set up on your horn to suit your needs, so stop by for a free consultation anytime.


One response

  1. Jerry Matthews

    The attention to detail you captured through conversations with me about the what i was looking for in horn repair was amazing! The way the Roo pads cover the tone holes has a much different feel than any other pad I’ve experienced in my 35 years of overhauls. The horn feels better and you don’t get the sticking of the pads that you get with other pads.
    But the craftmenship you put into assembling the horns is the best I’ve experienced in my music career. The set up do is extremely quiet! Sax players, check John out! You will fall in love will his style of repair as well as his easy going personality.

    Thank you John!

    May 10, 2012 at 9:45 am

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