Got a Gig builds instruments…


J. Gill Flutes features three models – The Studio – The Orchestral – The Artist Models. All have solid sterling silver American body tubes, sterling silver risers and lip plates. The Orchestral and Artist models have C# trill keys and D# rollers. Stop by and give them a play – They have a warm, beautiful sound and a rich bouquet of color! Save hundreds of dollars over competitive models. All of our instruments are shop checked and bench tested. Warranty included.

NorCal Horns – Awesome Step-Up & Pro Horns

We have some of the finest saxophones available today!  They are custom made specifically for us incorporating our experienced design standards, unique finishes and  demanding attention to details.  Many quality features go into the NorCal Line of Advanced & Professional Instruments.  Stop by and play our horns and experience for yourself the joy of hearing how you have wanted to sound for years. These are very affordable and at a price point that won’t break the bank!



Brannen 9K Gold Flute with Custom J Schmidt ‘Gold’ Pads!


Principal Flutist of the Sacramento Philharmonic Orchestra Mat Krejci with his restored 9K Gold Brannen Flute with Jim Schmidt ‘Gold Pads’.

This 9K Gold Brannen Flute has been completely restored to a new level of playing enjoyment and colorful sound with the addition of custom ‘GOLD’  Flute Pads made special by Jim Schmidt for the finest Flutists in the world! John Gill at ‘Got A Gig Music’ is a recommended master technician by JS Engineering for installation of JS Gold Pads. Experience the difference for yourself!

Restoration of Sankyo Artist Flute with David Williams Headjoint

This beautiful solid silver Sankyo Artist Flute has been completely restored using Premium Lucien Flute Pads.  The body and keys have been polished and ultrasonically cleaned and all key felts have been replaced.  The body dents have been removed and a new headjoint cork has been installed.  The tenons have been refit and all the mechanisms have been oiled.  At ‘Got A Gig Music’ you can depend on receiving only the finest attention to details so that your instrument not only plays to it’s fullest potential, it Sings!

Vintage Selmer Super Balanced Action Tenor Sax Restoration

Refinished Super Balanced Action Tenor Keys in BACK ROW!
Original nasty condition in front row.


                                         This beautiful Selmer Super Balanced Action Tenor Sax is now refinished and set up with Custom White Kangaroo Skin Pads and Selmer Metal Domed Boosters giving this sax an impressive tone and a lot more ‘punch’. The action has all been tightened up and this horn is VERY quiet and quick.  This Pro Set-up is available for your sax and you can also order it with the Exotic Hardwood Palm Key Risers to fit your hands.  Experience the difference for yourself at ‘Got A Gig Music’, the Professionals Choice for the Finest Set-ups and Overhauls in Sacramento.

Vintage Wooden Flute Restored – 12 Key Kohlert Sons Ebony Wood

This Ebony Grenadilla Wood Kohlert Flute has been completely restored.  The green jelly and oxidation from decades of sitting has been removed and the cracks in the wooden headjoint have been repaired. All the nickel keys have been polished to their original luster as have the body rings.  The wood has been refinished with numerous coats of a special hand rubbed oil that has been applied both inside and outside.  The old crown cork has been replaced and reset and the fittings have been polished and refit.  New tenon corks have been wrapped and all the key corks have been replaced.  New leather pads have been installed and seated. It is now back in the hands of it’s professional flute player.

This beautiful wood flute has a lovely woody flute sound with a lot of flute character.