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J. Gill Flutes and Piccolos featuring four models – The Student – The Studio – The Orchestral – The Artist Models.

Check out our fantastic J.Gill Orchestral Series silver flutes and grenadilla wood piccolos. We now feature 3 different silver flute models.  Our specially made step-up model features a split E mechanism, pointed key arms, sterling silver American made body tubes and headjoint tube, Sterling riser and lip plate and D# roller on the footjoint.  These features are on our Studio Model Flute. We also have 2 other models, the Orchestral Model and our new Artist Series Model. You can pick the headjoint embouchure cut that best fits you from 2 different cuts.

All have solid sterling silver American body tubes, sterling silver risers and lip plates. The Orchestral and Artist models have C# trill keys and D# rollers. The instruments are handmade especially for us by a small group of flute artisans to our specs and rigorous quality control standards. You won’t find finer instruments for the money anywhere! Their sound is amazing!  You can save thousands of dollars on these flutes compared to other brands.  They come with beautiful handmade wooden cases and case covers and our awesome warranty.

Stop by and give them a play – They have a warm, beautiful sound and a rich bouquet of color! Save hundreds of dollars over competitive models. All of our instruments are shop checked and bench tested. They all have a great warranty.

J. Gill Student

IMG_3621 2.JPG

J. Gill Studio

IMG_9756 2.JPG

J. Gill Orchestral

IMG_4093 2

J. Gill Artist

IMG_4093 2.JPG


J. Gill Student

IMG_1889 2

J. Gill Advanced

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