Verne Q. Powell 2100 Professional Flute Restoration using J.Schmidt ‘Gold’ Pads!

This beautiful Powell 2100 has just received the J.Schmidt ‘Gold’ Pads, installed custom here by John at ‘Got a Gig’ Music.  These pads require very detailed care and precise installation and give the player unparalled response and color.  Each pad has gold dust impregnated into the surface of the skin giving it longer life and an exacting seal and they are engineered to precise standards and perfect shape.  They greatly improve projection and tone over the Straubinger type pads and their longevity and stability surpasses anything on the market today.  This flute was completely polished by hand and ultrasonically cleaned.  All necessary keys were refit and the crown cork was replaced and fittings checked.  The grommets that hold in the french pads were specifically manufactured for this particular 2100 model flute. Experience for yourself the added warmth and color of your prized flute when it has the fantastic J.Schmidt ‘Gold’ pads installed.  You will be surprised!

Yanagisawa Professional 991 Tenor Sax Overhaul using Black Kangaroo Skin Pads & Custom Boosters

I just set up this Yanagisawa 991 Tenor Sax with the Kangaroo Skin Pads and Custom Selmer Style Metal Tone Boosters.  Jerry had me do this same professional set up on his vintage Selmer Balanced Action Tenor Sax a few months back and wanted a similar response on his Yani back-up horn.  This gives him more punch when he needs it as he plays in Los Elegantes salsa band and competes with a great trumpet player and a trombonist along with the other musicians and vocalists! He can still play soft and mellow but kick it out when he wants to.  The ‘Roo’ pads are firmer than traditional pig skin pads and give more power and dynamic range.  I can put a custom set up on your horn to suit your needs, so stop by for a free consultation anytime.

Powell Conservatory Solid Silver Flute C.O.A.

This Verne Q. Powell Conservatory Flute was in for a C.O.A. (Clean, Oil and Adjust) and it also needed 7 of the Straubinger pads replaced as many were torn and worn out. This flute  was taken apart to clean the old oil out of the key mechanisms and the entire body was hand polished and put through the ultrasonic cleaner. Seven new Straubinger pads were installed and partial shims we put in the remaining pads to level them to the top of the tone holes and create a great seal.  The crown cork was again replaced and the fittings were checked for smoothness and ease of assembly. Finally, it was adjusted and regulated and playtested.  This professional flutist is now ready for another season of enjoyable performances!

Muramatsu Flute C.O.A.

This beautiful Muramatsu Professional Flute will be completely hand polished and cleaned in the ultrasonic cleaner. All the tarnish that you see on the body will be completely removed and the keys will also be hand polished to remove tarnish. All of the key mechanisms will be taken apart and completely cleaned and freshly oiled. The pads will be shimmed and the entire instrument will be adjusted and regulated. The head crown cork will be replaced and set to the proper position. When the instrument is finished, it will play and look like new again!

Vintage ‘The Martin’ Tenor Sax with custom Black Kangaroo Skin Pads and metal tone boosters!

This beautiful vintage ‘The Martin’ came in for a professional set-up and complete rebuild using the Black Kangaroo Skin Pads with metal tone boosters. All the key felts and corks were replaced with modern materials and the entire instrument was ultrasonically cleaned.  Major dents were removed and the neck was refit and recorked.  All of the keys were refit and the lost motion was removed.  The tone holes were leveled and checked for solder leaks.  The sax was then reassembled, oiled, adjusted, regulated and playtested.  This horn remained quite mellow with added punch and projection.  It is now ready for many years of service for this pro player!

Cannonball Tenor Sax C.O.A.

This sax came in covered with spit and needing a good thorough cleaning and adjustments.  All keys were removed and the body and neck were cleaned in the ultrasonic cleaner.  Each key was cleaned by hand as were the pads and boosters.  The sax was reassembled and oiled and some of the pads were replaced, using metal tone boosters to match the originals. It is important to keep the boosters all the same.  If they are plastic, I use plastic. If they are metal, then I use metal.  This keeps the sax playing evenly throughout it’s entire range.  This service is recommended every couple of years and prevents the key hinge rods from rusting from a lack of service and or oiling. The neck cork is checked and replaced if necessary and the instrument is playtested. Enjoy your horn in ‘like new’ condition again and keep on playing!