Fine Professional Instrument Repair

We feature the finest in woodwind and brass repair, specializing in top quality professional Flute, Saxophone and woodwind service for the finest players in northern California backed by 47 years of experience.  John regularily works on many of the professional flutists instruments in the Camellia City Flute Choir and on the principal flutists instruments in the Auburn Symphony and the Sacramento Philharmonic Orchestra. Wealso perform custom brass work for the finest brass players around town. These past few months I have been busy on many Clean, Oil and Adjusts (C.O.A.) for the wonderful flutists in the Sacramento and Bay Areas.  Alto flutes from Germany and Taiwan have crossed the bench along with Powell Flutes and a beautiful 10K Gold Lillian Burkart Flute from New England.  These instruments are a joy to work on as they represent the very finest American made flutes with unique mechanisms and detailed precise handmade qualities.  When only the finest work on your prized flute will do, come have John go through your flute at Got A Gig Music.

I  finished a complete overhaul on a beautiful V.Q. Powell 2100 solid silver professional flute using the amazing Jim Schmidt Gold Pads.  These pads seal better than the Straubinger Pads and they far outlast them being much more durable (with gold dust impregnated in the surface) and far more stable.  Improve the response and make your flute more enjoyable to play by having these great pads installed at Got A Gig Music!

Among the beautiful saxes that I have rebuilt were a H. Couf Superba 1 Alto Sax and a 1937 Selmer Balanced Action Tenor Sax, both with the wonderful Black Kangaroo Skin pads and custom metal boosters, and of course fitted with the Got a Gig Music unique handfit and hand carved Exotic Laminated Hardwood Palm Key Risers. I also finished a Yanagisawa Tenor 991 custom pad installation using the Black Kangaroo Skin pads with custom metal boosters.  It gave the sax much more punch and a far better response, much to the player’s delight!  On deck next is a very rare Conn 28M Alto Sax with the most beautiful keywork, that was done in the late 40’s early 50’s. I also restored a “The Martin” Tenor sax using Black Roo Pads and custom metal boosters.

One of my favorite restorations is rebuilding vintage wooden flutes.  I  finished a 12 key Kohlert grenadilla wood flute restoration.  Everything was removed and cleaned and polished back to it’s original luster.  All pads and key corks were replaced using leather pads and the wood was refinished and the instrument adjusted and playtested.  A pictures of this interesting and fun restoration is on the about page.


Custom Key Work

John features custom key work and beautiful exotic hardwood sax key risers to fit your instrument to your hands!  Stop by to see these beautiful risers and have a set fit especially to you. We also do special metal fabricating to keys to alter and change designs that were not necessarily successful or just to make them more ergonomically comfortable.

Instrument Cleaning

We also feature state of the art ultrasonic cleaning of many types of instruments starting at a special rate for trumpets.  Each instrument is specially examined to insure the best possible cleaning needed for each individual circumstance.  The solution is specifically chosen and fresh and new for each ultrasonic cleaning assuring that your instrument is not ‘taking a bath in a filthy tub 6 other instruments have already soaked in.’  Your health and safety is our first and foremost concern!  We pride ourselves in actually getting your instrument clean, not just giving you the ‘impression’ that it has have been cleaned.

We also specialize in Sax cleaning, using the ultrasonic cleaning technology and completely removing all keys and then reassembling the instrument.  Everything gets reoiled and lubed and the instrument gets a complete adjustment and regulation.  This removes all spit and debris and totally cleans the inside of the instrument to give you more longevity to the pads and keep them from getting sticky.  Contact us for our special pricing on this quality maintenance procedure.


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