Instrument Repair Services

We feature the finest in woodwind and brass repairs in northern California backed by 50 years of experience. We repair all commonly used woodwind and brass instruments. We will do everything from small adjustments to complete overhauls.

Instrument Cleaning

We also feature state of the art ultrasonic cleaning of many types of instruments.  Each instrument is specially examined to insure the best possible cleaning needed for each individual circumstance.  The solution is specifically chosen and fresh and new for each ultrasonic cleaning. We pride ourselves in actually getting your instrument clean, not just giving you the ‘impression’ that it has have been cleaned.  Everything gets reoiled and lubed and the instrument gets a complete adjustment and regulation.  This removes all spit and debris and totally cleans the inside of the instrument to give you more longevity to the pads and keep them from getting sticky.

Custom Key Work

John features custom key work and beautiful exotic hardwood sax key risers to fit your instrument to your hands!  Stop by to see these beautiful risers and have a set fit especially to you. We also do special metal fabricating of keys to change designs that were not necessarily successful or just to make them more ergonomically comfortable.

Custom Solid Sterling Silver Right Hand G# Trill Key – The Gill Trill!
Custom Sterling Silver G Disc

Exotic Hand Carved Hardwood Palm Key Risers

Custom Fit to your hand size for all saxes! These Custom touch pieces are available for your favorite Sax! Check it out and visit in person.  You will enjoy the new ergonomic fit.

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